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Consultancy that adapts to your needs

En Global Investment te ofrecemos asesorías que se adaptan a tus necesidades. Tanto nuestro equipo como nuestros aliados comerciales estamos en total capacidad para llevarte a ti y tu inversión al éxito. Sea con la administración de tu empresa o en términos legales o fiscales, estamos aquí para servirte y ayudarte a mantener tus negocios en total fluidez.

We advise you in the following areas:


We provide assistance to our clients through our Spanish and English speaking professionals with experience in management and business administration, we offer training, knowledge, confidentiality and commitment.

Legal and Tax

Being in compliance with the laws of the state and the country is always necessary, both at a personal and business level. You must be in the hands of experts who make you feel confident and calm when advising you in terms of immigration planning, accounting services, payroll, human resources, due diligence (audits) when acquiring new companies, compliance with tax obligations, amongst others. These are part of the services offered by our professionals.

Types of Investment Visas:

If you are evaluating obtaining an Investment visa to live in the United States, our team will guide you in this process. Here are some guidelines regarding the options you have available:

L-1 Visa

This visa aims for you to create a branch of your company in the United States. To opt for this visa, the applicant must have worked in the company for at least 1 year. You can work part time in the United States as well.

H1-B Visa

This visa is for professionals with specialized jobs whose objective is to obtain a non permanent residence through a sponsor. Must have minimum work experience of 12 years and university degree. Although not technically an investment visa, it is one widely used by people who wish to live in the United States. You must have a job offer from a company that is registered and operating in the United States.

EB-5 Visa

This visa is the residence or Green Card for investors. The applicant must have at least one million dollars worth of assets and at least $500,000 in tangible investment that will benefit the US economy, creating no less than 10 full-time jobs.

E-2 Visa

This visa is for investment through a commercial treaty and its objective is to obtain a non permanent residence. Among its requirements is to be of nationality from a specific list of countries. The investor must have at least 50% of the company’s property in the United States. There is no minimum investment or number of employees needed.